Chai Calling

People of India and Chai (Tea), these two words are synonymous. Tea stalls are abundant and when you get a tea stall which is cosy and nicely decorated, it gives another dimension to your rendezvous with tea. Chai calling is one such venture where the decor is exceptionally cosy yet gives you the feel of a traditional chai stall. Here you will be served tea in clay cups which is also traditional and bio-friendly too. Don't get disheartened by assuming that here only tea is served. We know well about your weakness for Samosas and other fries as we call Chai and Shai where 'Shai' are the accompaniments. You will get samosas, sandwiches, cookies, veg puff and much more to spice up your tea experience.

But we don't look at ourselves just as a retail chain but also as a facility provider. We are reaching out for high street zones likes Institutions, Colleges, Malls, Residential areas, Hospitals etc. chai calling has an outlet at SRMS Hospital and MISSION Hospital, where we not only look into sales and promotion, but also the welfare of the visitors. The low price range and the focus on health and hygiene, makes it a perfect place for people to sit down, to relax and to eat and drink without any worries.



1.5 Cr+
Tea Sold
1000 +
Happy Clients
20 +
2000 +

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